Pack 1203 – Our History. Our Legacy.

  • OUR HISTORY (in a Nutshell)

While our Pack started in 2002 with just a handful of families at one Elementary School, we’ve grown into the premier Cub Scout organization in the San Pedro Harbor area, supplying the Scouting experience to boys from the following San Pedro schools and more:

• Taper Ave. Elementary         • Park Western Place Elem./Harbor Magnet
• Crestwood Elementary         • Christ Lutheran
• Bandini School                     • South Shores Elementary
• 15th St. School                    • 7th St. Elementary
• Lomita Magnet                    • Mary Star of the Sea


Cubmasters Patrick Jasanis 2013 +
Cubmasters Jon Paulson            (8yrs) 2006 – 2013

Todd Gaydowski 2006

Donia Sichler          (4yrs) 2003 – 2006

Larry Mersman        (2yrs) 2002-2003

Committee Chairs Teresa Harnage 2012 – present

Jennifer Mills-Powell 2009 – 2012

Don Filer 2006 – 2008

Larry Mersman 2002 – 2006

Religious Awards  Colson T.            2010 Universal Religious

Benjamin B.        2010 God & Family

James R.            2012 God & Faith

Nico C.               2014 Parvuli Dei

Graeme P.          2015 God & Country

Super-Achievers Benjamin B.         2010 Colson T.   2012
(Webelos who earned  Jacob F.               2012 Michael H.  2012
 all 20 Webelos Badges.)

Arrow of Light 
 TOTAL TO DATE  35+ in 10 years!
(Highest award that can  2006 = ?  2007 = ?
 be earned in Cub Scouts)  2008 = 4  2009 = 4

 2010 = 7  2011 = 2

 2012 = 7  2013 = 11

 2014 = We’ll see!  2015 = We’ll see!


>> Our History in a Nutshell.


  • Our Adventures Continue … Come Join Us!
  • Mr. Paulson steps down from the Cubmaster role he held for the past eight years. Mr. Jasanis takes the reigns as the new Cubmaster.


  • Pack reached new heights with over 65 scouts and with that growth, we’ve had to relocate again! Mary Star of the Sea was generous enough to welcome us into their old high school classrooms. This makes it the Pack’s third home. 
  • San Pedro/Harbor Area Pan-Pack Picnic  becomes “The P4 : Pedro Pan-Pack Picnic”
  • Ms. Harnage (as a new Tiger Parent) takes on the duties of Committee Chair.
  • cubs1203-10yr-2


  • Pack membership now includes more than 60 boys and over 12 trained adult leaders!
  • In our second year of competition, our cars dominate the District Soapbox Derby, winning three 1st class trophies!
  • Given our relocation from Taper, we recharter the Pack to the “Parents of Pack 1203.” This new charter description better reflects our mission to serve all of San Pedro, and not to be limited to one demographic.

2010  “New home. New Adventures.”

  • Due to LAUSD budget cuts, in June the Pack reluctantly relocates from Taper Elementary after 8 years. Fortunately Christ Lutheran Church and School offers us their facilities for a new home.
  • Pack enteres the Pacifica Soapbox Derby for the first time.
  • Pack awards first Webelos “Super-Achiever” to a Scout.
  • Pack awards first Religious Emblem to a Scout. 
  • Pack website redesigned and Pack emails created by Mr. Paulson and Mr. Helm. Pack photosite created by Mrs. Ryan. 


  • Pack membership grows to 40+ boys.
  • Webelos invited by BSA Troop 658 to participate in their “Guerilla War.” This becomes an annual highlight event!
  • The Pack joins with other local Packs in the San Pedro Holiday Parade in order to show a larger, united scouting presence in San Pedro.
  • Mrs. Mills-Powell steps in as Committee Chair.


  • Pack 1203, along with Pack 234 (Holy Trinity), hosts the first San Pedro/Harbor Area Pan-Pack Picnic to strengthen local scouting bonds.
  • We hold our first Rocket Races.

2007  “We go viral!”

  • We march in the San Pedro Holiday Parade for the first time.
  • Pack website established by Mrs. Filer.
  • Pack begins community self-promotion including informational flyer distributions & Open House/Back-to-School recruitment tables at both Taper Ave. Elementary & Park Western Place Elementary/Harbor Magnet.


  • Pack begins tradition of joining Boy Scout Troop 234 (Holy Trinity) and the Veterans of Foreign Wars for a Memorial Day Flag Planting at Wilmington Cemetery.
  • In Sept., Mr. Paulson becomes Cubmaster. At this time the Pack has approximately 14 boys.
  • Pack expands to include boys from Park Western Elementary/Harbor Magnet.
  • In Feb., our initial founding Den bridges into Boy Scouts along with all the existing Pack-Level Leadership. New Pack Leadership established with Mr. Gaydowski as Cubmaster, and Mr. Filer as Committee Chair.

2003 – 2005 “The Lost Years”

  • If any ex-Pack 1203 families have information on leaders, awards, or activities during this period, please contact our Cubmaster so we can update this history. Thank you.
  • Annual Pinewood Derby held for the first time.

2002  “In the Beginning…”

  • Den & Pack Meetings begin at Taper. Our first den has four scouts.
  • Pack 1203 is founded in November by four Taper Ave. Elementary families: the Mersmans, the Leavitts, the Sichlers, and the Broyles, and chartered to the “Parents of Taper Elementary.”

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