Academic & Athletic Belt Loops & Pins

Cub Scouts offers these awards in almost every activity that could interest your Scout. From Marbles to Languages & Culture, from Baseball to Math – even Video Games (but that one’s not what you think). Each Belt Loop has three (3) requirements needed to earn it. After that, Scouts can choose five (5) additional requirements to earn the Pin. All the Belt Loop and Pin requirements can be found in the Academics & Sports Program Guide available from the Scout Shop (or your Den Leader). The complete list and requirements can also be found online HERE.

Also, both Belt Loops and Pins can be earned multiple times, and for some Webelos Activity Badges, Scouts are required to re-earn some Belt Loops if they have already earned them. Remember to tell your Den Leader once you’ve earned one!

 PLEASE NOTE: It’s the Pack policy to pay for each belt loop when earned for the first time, as well as any earned for a Webelos Badge. Any additional Belt Loops earned beyond these will be added to the Scout’s monthly dues.



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