Pinewood Derby

“Are You Ready to Race?”

Your design’s been chosen. Your block’s been cut, sanded and painted. Your wheels are spinning fast, free and clear. All that’s left … is the race. And what a race it is!

Download the 2015 Pinewood Derby Flyer.

Pack 1203’s Annual Pinewood Derby is one of the highlights of our year. Taking place on a Saturday morning (usually in March), scouts, family and friends gather to test their creations and have some serious fun. But, while fun is our goal, this project also has some other things to achieve. This is intended to be a bonding experience between the scout and his Akela, as well as a chance to introduce the scout to certain tools and how to use them. The building of the derby car also works toward the completion of requirements and electives at each level of Cub Scouting.

>> 2015’s Pinewood Derby will be held Sat. March 14th @ the Cabrillo Youth Waterfront Center.
>> 2015’s Pinewood WORKSHOPS will be held 2/15, 2/22 & 3/8!

In order to insure that the race is fair as well as fun, we’ve instituted the following items that every car and racer must abide by. Please be sure to read them all BEFORE starting your build. Failure to do so, might result in a car being disqualified. And here’s the most important rule of all … while Akelas are allowed to help and assist (especially with tools), THIS IS YOUR SCOUT’S CAR! Please don’t forget that THEY should be building the majority, if not all, of the car.

>> Pack 1203 Official Pinewood Derby Rules : This will tell you how your car should be built, and what’s allowable.
>> Our Race Day Code of Conduct : This tells scouts and Akelas how they should act on Race Day.

Every scout that participates earns either a patch or a ribbon – perhaps even an official drivers license – and the top three fastest racers in each den take home a medal they can wear on their uniforms. The First Place winner of each den will go on to represent the Pack in the Pacifica District Pinewood Championships. For those boys who may not place in the top three, we also award a host of certificate awards based on the car’s build. Certificate Categories may include the following (or other) classifications:

Car N’ Driver AwardMost Realistic Looking Car
Funnybone AwardMost Humorous Car
Alternate Transportation AwardBest Vehicle NOT a Car
Psych-Out AwardMost Intimidating
Outside the Box Award – Most Creative Use of Material
• Chow Time Award – Most Edible
Fast Food Award – Fastest Looking Food
Galaxy Award – Most Cosmic
Fit n’ Finish Award – Best Detail
What Were They Thinking Award – Most Unusual or Strangest Shape
Prof. Vroom Award – Fastest Car Standing Still
Pedro Award – Best Scout Theme
• Cubmaster’s Choice – Exactly what it says! 



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