Recycle Regatta

“Fair Winds & Full Sails”

Your design’s been chosen. Your block’s been cut, sanded and painted. Your wheels are spinning fast, free and clear. All that’s left … is the race. And what a race it is!

Pack 1203’s capsized  Scouting’s normal Raingutter Regatta and has morphed ours into a RECYCLE REGATTA! Taking place on a Saturday morning (usually in Feb or Mar), scouts, family and friends gather to test their creations and have some serious fun. But, while fun is our goal, this project also has some other things to achieve. This is intended to be a bonding experience between the scout and his Akela, as well as a chance to reinforce the ideals of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle to our scouts.  Boats must be made from official trash.  There is a strong emphasis on using recycled items here.  The Scouts must find items used in day-to-day activities; such as meals or projects, items that are going to otherwise be discarded; in other words “Trash items”.

Please be sure to read them all the Rules & Construction Specs BEFORE starting your build. Failure to do so, might result in a boat being disqualified. And here’s the most important rule of all … while Akelas are allowed to help and assist (especially with tools), THIS IS YOUR SCOUT’S PROJECT!  This is a parent-son project. Please feel free to give guidance and minimal assistance, appropriate to the age of your Scout, as he builds his Recycle Regatta boat. This is a chance for your son to be part of a team (during boat construction) and to enjoy the spirit of friendly competition with his peers.  Since this is a scout-powered event, the object is to have the boats as equal as possible and have the race rely on the Scout himself. 

>> Pack 1203 Recycle Regatta Rules & Specs : This will tell you how your boat should be built, and what materials are allowable.

And yes … there ARE prizes! Every scout that participates earns either a patch or a ribbon. At the Den level, the top three fastest racers in each den take home a medal they can wear on their uniforms – as does the scout who has the “Best Use of Recycled Materials.” For those boys who may not be awarded a medal, don’t worry, we also award a host of certificate awards based on the boat’s build. Certificate Categories may include the following (or other) classifications:

• Anchor Award – Most Un-floatable Boat
 IOWA Award – Most Realistic
• Funnybone Award – Most Humorous Car
• Alternate Transportation Award – Best Vehicle NOT a Boat
• Psych-Out Award – Most Intimidating
• Seaweed Award – Most Edible
• Fast Food Award – Fastest Looking Food
• Flying Dutchman Award – Most Historical Boat
• Fit n’ Finish Award – Best Detail
• What Were They Thinking Award – Most Unusual or Strangest Shape
• Pedro Award – Best Scout Theme
• Cubmaster’s Choice – Exactly what it says! 

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